Jobs: Training

Acces-VR – Adult Career and Continuing Education Services

A NYS agency
109 S. Union St.
Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: (585) 238-2900
Website: Acces – NYSED

Clients: Must have disability and consultation with counselor on vocational goals.
Program may pay for vocational training or 2- and 4-year college programs toward a vocation. Orientations weekly.


Action for a Better Community (ABC) – Employment Agency Initiative

49 Stone St.
Rochester 14605
Phone: (585) 325-5116 x3145
Website: ABC Services – Job Readiness, Training, Coaching

Areas of Service:
Free month-long pre-employment training w/Job Club.
Orientations twice a month.


Career Start

727 Saint Paul St
Rochester, NY 14605-1730
Phone:(585) 360-2620
Website: Career Start

Areas of Service:
Career Start actively works directly with employers throughout the area to develop employment opportunities specifically for the Career Start program. You can view some of our current openings as well as apply online. Certain qualifications may be required to be eligible for these positions.


Catholic Family Center

30 Hart St.
Rochester, NY 14605
Phone: (585) 546-7220 Ext. 6801
Website: Catholic Family Center Employment Services

Area of Service:Job placement and career counseling
Money management training and low-interest loans for families
Interpreter and translator services

Volunteer opportunities
Clients: People who need work.

Healthy Sisters’ Soup & Bean Works

500 Lee Rd. Ste #200
Rochester, NY 14606
Contact: Maria Ray, Project Supervisor
Phone: (585) 546-7220 x4622

Area of Service:
Work experience program. People learn to package food products and develop multiple experiences to (re)enter the workforce.

Clients: Women in recovery.


CEO – Center for Employment Opportunities

1150 University Ave., Suite 8
Rochester, NY 14607
Office: (585) 957-9858 Ext.536
Website: CEO Works

Areas of Service:
Workforce and life skills training, successful, disciplined, accountable, supervised transitional work with daily pay, and other support services.

Clients: Parole referrals, hope to be able to work with probationers in the future.


Coffee Connection – Project Empower

Joy Bergfalk
681 South Ave.
Rochester, NY 14620
Office: (585) 442-2180
Website: Our Coffee Connection – Project Empower

Areas of Service:
Employment training and recovery support. Potential employment in Coffee Connection retail and distribution services.

Clients: Women in recovery. 18+ years old.


Community Learning Center

170 Greece Ridge Center Drive
Rochester, NY 14620
Contact: Susan Putnam
Phone: (585) 966-2864
Website: Greece Community Education
Areas of Service:

Five Career Training Programs: Office technology; Essential workplace computer skills; Bank Teller/Customer services representative; Pharmacy technician; Custodial maintenance and repair.

Clients: 18 years+.  Must complete program entry requirements for individual program(s).  Each program has different requirements depending on the program partner.


Job Corps

39 State St, Suite 420
Rochester, NY 14614
Phone:(585) 454-5130
Area of Service:

Free career training and can obtain GED with employment assistance.  9 month to 2 year.  Campus housing, meals, and stipend provided.


Job Search Companion

September 2012 publication of Monroe County Department of Human Services (DHS). Only 4 pages and crammed full of lists with contact information, tips,and help.

Web link: Job Search Companion


Judicial Process Commission – JPC

Sue Porter
1921 Norton St.
Rochester, NY 14609
Phone:(585) 325-7727
Website: Judicial Process Commission

Areas of Service:
Case management
Job development for parolees and probationers.
Help with correcting rap sheets.


National Transitional Jobs Network

Website provides access to timely information. Enter requested information to get free email notices.  Parent organization: Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights, Chicago, Illinois.

Website: Heartland Alliance


PathStone Employment and Training

400 East Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: (585) 241-4315
Website: PathStone –  Training and Employment

Area of Service:
Provide quality job training and employment services leading to gainful employment at livable wages .

Clients: Individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, farm workers, rural poor, disadvantaged and/or disenfranchised.


Project ReDirect – Volunteers of America

214 Lake Ave.
Rochester, NY 14608
Website: Volunteers of America

Employment prep and advice
GED prep, and housing assistance for homeless persons.
Including reentering individuals and veterans 18 years of age or older.


Renewal Services Rochester

460 Buffalo Rd., Suite 70
Rochester, NY 14611
Contact: Robert Echols

Areas of Service:
GED preparation classes, job readiness and training through recycling program, Connection to employment through Renewal Property Maintenance Services

Rochester Fatherhood Resource Initiative

775 S. Plymouth Ave.
Rochester, NY 14608
Todd Williams
Website; Rochester Fatherhood Initiative

Employment services and referrals for fathers.


Rochester/Monroe County Public Library

Bausch and Lomb Bldg.
South Ave./Broad St. 4th fl.
Rochester, NY

Areas of Service:
Employment section, resources information.


Rochester Works

Two locations:

(1)255 N. Goodman St.
Rochester, NY 14607
(2) 276 Waring Rd.
Rochester, NY 14609
Website: Rochester Works
Contact: Kristy Ioele
Phone:(585) 258-3512 or (585) 258-3500

Areas of Service:

Free services to job seekers; career counseling, vocational workshops, career exploration, skill assessment, on-site employer events. Training grants available.

Manage WEP for people on DHS. Link to employers.