Monroe County Reentry Taskforce

Comprehensive direct oversight to men and women reentering society from incarceration to Monroe County. Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council is the primary service provider and collaborates with scores of organizations and volunteers. Established 2006 by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), Monroe County Executive’s Office, and Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council.


Monroe County Probation

33 Fitzhugh St.
Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: (585) 753-3367
Website: Monroe County Probation

Monroe County Reentry Services at Delphi

Contact: Ann Graham
232 S. Plymouth Ave.
Rochester, NY 14608
Phone: (585) 730-2753
Fax: (585) 625-3558

The MCRTF provides direct services through Delphi Drug & Alcohol Council, Inc. Delphi is a behavioral health agency, providing treatment, education, prevention and case management services in Monroe and Wayne Counties. Reentry Services at Delphi is based on the National Institute of Correction’s “Transition from Prison to Community” model of evidence-based and best-practice services. Case managers work one-on-one with former prisoners to ensure their stabilization needs are met (housing, treatment, employment), as well as providing cognitive-based and trauma-informed group and individual counseling.

Through our Health Homes program, a project of the NYS Department of Health, we are able to provide reentry case management services to clients who do not meet the DCJS eligibility criteria for Track I, or who continue to need assistance beyond the 90-day service window. This enables us to truly become a one-stop provider for anyone returning home from incarceration.

We believe these services are most successful when reentering men and women find a sincere welcome, and an atmosphere of care coupled with accountability.

In-House Services include: Application assistance for public assistance, Medicaid, and SNAP ● Emergency Housing ● Assistance in finding affordable, permanent housing ● Health Homes Care Managers ● Substance abuse evaluation and treatment ● Domestic Violence evaluation and programming ● Parole Orientation ● Life Skills Classes ● Anger Management Programming ●Work Readiness Classes ● Personal Care Items ● “Pro Social” activities

Through our extensive network of Task Force service providers, we ensure that our clients gain access to: Mental Health assessment and treatment ● Primary medical care ● Services for persons with disabilities ● Child Support Modification ● Employment Placement ● Literacy Programs ● GED Preparation ● Vocational Training ● Peer Support and Mentoring ● Family Counseling ● Specialty Services