Support Services while Incarcerated

Judicial Process Commission – Women’s Reentry Project (WRP)

1921 Norton St.
Rochester, NY 14609
Contact: Sue Porter
Phone: (585) 325-7727

Areas of Service:

Therapists, case managers and mentors.

Connects w/housing, treatment, education and employment, baby items, ID, legal services and therapeutic group support.

Clients: Pregnant women or women w/children 2 yrs. or younger leaving Monroe County Correctional Facility.


JustUs – Concerned Citizens of Rochester

James Caldwell
Phone: (585)-770-0129

Areas of Service:

Individual and group support while incarcerated at MC Corrections.

Mentor support pre and post-release from MC Corrections.


Kairos Outside

30 Waring Rd.
Rochester, NY 14609
Church of Love, Rochester
Phone:(585)436-4114 (Mauva)

Area of Service:

Weekend retreats for adult women with incarcerated loved one, and ex-offenders. Child care available.

New Beginnings for Women

Contact: Karen Lafian Alo
Phone: (585)746-7730

Area of Service:

Pre-and post-release mentoring and recovery for women.

Partners in Restorative Initiatives

111 Hillside Ave.
Rochester, NY 14610
Phone:(585) 473-0970
Fax:(585) 473-4868
Website: PiRI

Areas of Service:

Restore Family Relationships – partnership with Step by Step to rebuild family relationship while woman is still incarcerated in MC Corrections.

Peaceprints – Cephas

660 Smith St, Buffalo, NY 14210
Contact: Cindi McEachen
Phone: (716) 856-6131
Website: Peaceprints

Area of Service:

Conducts individual and group support sessions in 7+ State Prisons in Western NY on a weekly basis.

Separately, after release the team conducts weekly Tuesday meetings from 6:00 to 8:30 PM at 1360 Lake Ave., Rochester, NY 14613 – Episcopal Church of the Ascension. Meetings in Buffalo on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:30 PM at Hope House, 660 Smith St., Buffalo, NY 14210. Participants helps each other foster self-worth and embrace the worth of others. Group-focused with open dialogue about attitudes, beliefs and behaviors to help reintegration.


Prison Reentry Aftercare Ministry

St. Thomas Episcopal Church
2000 Highland Ave.
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: (585) 218-4005

Area of Service:

Listening, housing, emotional support, clothing, financial literacy, mentoring, transportation, discernment.

The team needs group facilitators, food, clothing, telephone support, transportation, knitters, literacy volunteers, skilled and non-skilled home builders, personal financial consultants, accountants, cooks, listeners, educational curriculum expertise, graphic artists, educators, and social workers.

Clients: work with multiple groups throughout the Greater Rochester area.


Rochester Interfaith Jail Ministry

2 Riverside Dr.
Rochester, NY 14613
Contact: Robert Crystal, Coordinator
Phone: (585) 458-5423

Area of Service:

Group meetings at the Monroe County Jail, Orleans Correctional facility, and similar locations.

Advise and assist inmates and releasees in reentry, especially in self-awareness issues.

Clients: All ages and gender, including family members.


Samaritan Women


For women incarcerated in Monroe County facilities and their children.


Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach

Contact: Jim Smith, Director
Phone: (585) 527-0121
Website: Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach

Area of Service:

Visit women and men who are incarcerated and journey with them as they enter the community. Visitation is accomplished through weekly groups in jail and prison.


Turning Points

St. Stephen’s Church
350 Chili Ave.
Rochester, NY 14611
Phone: (585) 328-0856
Website: Turning Points

Areas of Service:

Facilitate community information seminars. Workshops are open to anyone interested and are held on Saturdays 1-3 PM (except the 1st Saturday of the month – no seminar),  Send email or call as necessary at other times.

Provide families with information related to working with the New York State Prison System and Monroe County Correctional Facility

We offer information on:

  • Information to address criminal justice issues
  • Getting to and from NYS prisons    
  • Visitation to prisons   
  • Rules and regulations      
  • What I can bring or send   
  • Who can visit 
  • Making & receiving telephone calls  
  • Rehabilitative Programs      
  • Pre and Post Incarceration Services       


Volunteers of America – Step by Step

214 Lake Ave. Bldg. C
Rochester, NY 14608
Phone: (585) 402-7212

Areas of Service:

Strength-based and Parenting Skills development workshops.

Workshops provided while incarcerated at MC Corrections facilities and post-release.

Partner with PiRI in Reentry Family Circles – reconnect and reconcile with loved one(s) prior to release and make post-release plan.

Clients: Woman – no age limit.


Wesley’s Mothers Group of Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach

121 N. Fitzhugh St.
Rochester, NY 14614
Contact: Maureen Marlow
Phone: 585-325-1180 ext. 114

Areas of Service:

Information and support are exchanged at this weekly meeting of mothers whose children are incarcerated. Meets Tuesdays, 1:00 – 2:30 PM.