Counseling, Case Management

The Challenges of Re-Entry: Change is Always an Option

by Stephen Fraley, A counseling guide for those challenging “unemployment, homelessness, chronic welfare,

drug addiction, & criminal behavior” & for their counselors. Biddle Publishing Co., Brunswick,

ME. See online review.

New Life Ministries

Rochester, NY 14619.

Phone:(585)436-0085 Ext.21


Spiritual counseling for persons released from prison & jail.

Living Rooms, Spiritus Christi Church

121 N. Fitzhugh St.

Rochester 14614.

Phone: (585)325-1180 Ext. 114.

Health issues, support. Peer Counseling.


Medicaid and Health Insurance

Use Medicaid to get health insurance: For individuals, agencies.

Nathanael D. Hernandez, Hendrix Financial Group

100 White Spruce Blvd. Suite L303

Rochester, NY 14623