Online Resources

2-1-1 Basic and Crisis Services

Go to the above website to find information regarding various community services to include:

Christmas baskets
Community mental health agencies
Food pantries
Gas service payment assistance
Homeless shelter
Internet based crisis intervention
Rent payment assistance
Soup kitchens

 Academic Consortium On Criminal Justice Health

Preliminary functions of the consortium include:

  • To foster networks and interest in criminal justice health within the higher education community for mutual sharing, innovative thinking and creative problem-solving to move evidence-based practice initiatives into clinical realities.
  • To promote and disseminate outcomes from evidence-based practice through conferences, seminars, workshops and other learning opportunities.
  • To educate ourselves and the public about evidence-based practice through inter-agency partnerships within the criminal justice community.
  • To influence behavioral and cultural change within correctional institutions as well as across healthcare institutions to build and retain an understanding of the clinical and policy issues related to best outcomes.

Through breakthrough research developments in correctional health care, we have developed and promoted a broader and more critical view of the relationships between community and inmate health care. To foster this global perspective, we advance our understanding of the social, political, and environmental factors that shape health care practices. We also acknowledge and develop skills and values that enable us to bring about change to empower staff and equitably share resources.


ACE Response

Provides information about various website available to providers of specific services to include treatment, housing, etc. in working with people who have experienced trauma.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is one of the largest investigations ever conducted to assess associations between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being.


CCSI- Employment

 Provides list of job openings throughout Greater Rochester geographic area.  the jobs are primarily in the Behavioral/Developmental Disabilities field.


Judicial Process Commission – Community Resource List

Contains information regarding multiple services in the Greater Rochester area.


Making Moves

A Handbook of Transitional Services in Rochester, NY and the Monroe County Area.
The Extension/Outreach Department of the Monroe County Library System presents MAKING MOVES, which serves as a quick reference guide for those looking for various types of assistance in the Rochester, NY and the Monroe County area. This guide is for both ex-offenders and newcomers to the vicinity in search of basic services.  The information in this guide is accurate as of November 2011.
Please be advised that the information provided may change. 
Check out other resources sites, etc. for updated information.


Monroe County Office of Mental Health

This website contains services information to include Mental Health and Substance Abuse.  It contains a link to ALL the community providers of these services.


National Research and Policy Library
Browse for hundreds of relevant documents.


Reentry Net. Website
Legal materials on reentry and cases for attorneys, providers, and policy reform.


Reentry Net/NY
New York State clearinghouse.


 Rochester Homeless

Provides links to various housing and related services.


Substance Abuse Information

Provides current information about substance abuse treatment.   We are working toward a vision where all young people will be able to live their lives free of drug and alcohol abuse

By bringing together renowned scientists, parent experts and communications professionals, The Partnership at Drug Free translates the science of teen drug use and addiction for families. At Drug Free, you can find a wealth of information, tools and opportunities to help prevent and get help for drug and alcohol abuse by teens and young adults.

The Join Together group provides the latest information about substance abuse and addiction that impacts your work, life and community.

Help a Loved One Overcome Addiction.  Go to the Mayo Clinic website, Mayo Clinic РIntervention,to learn how you can help someone you love to overcome addiction.

Addiction Helpline: Recovery Connection provides a help line.  Go to Recovery Connection to learn how you can help yourself, someone else, and the community regarding addiction. 

Medicare Support Рfor Substance Abuse.  Local Medicare support for Substance Abuse Recovery can be found at  EHealth Medicare


The Sanctuary Model

As an organizational culture intervention, the Model is designed to facilitate the development of structures, processes, and behaviors on the part of staff, clients and the community-as-a-whole that can counteract the biological, affective, cognitive, social, and existential wounds suffered by the victims of traumatic experience and extended exposure to adversity.  The Model teaches individuals and organizations the necessary skills for creating and sustaining nonviolent lives and nonviolent systems and to keep believing in the unexplored possibilities of peace.