Support Services After Release

Catholic Family Center – Community Resources Center

30 Hart St.
Rochester, NY 14605
Contact: John Paul Perez
Phone: (585) 423-9590
Website: CFC – Community Resources

Area of Service:

Basic services like clothes and food.

Case Management to help address the underlying causes of homeless and develop plans for life stabilization

Referrals to other programs or agencies that offer social, medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, financial and legal services

Life skills and parenting programs

Information and referrals for housing

Clients: Any homeless person.  Men in reentry, MC Reentry Taskforce Parolees


COPE/Hope Initiatives

506 W. Broad St.
Rochester, NY 14608
Contact: Peter Shaw, Program Dir.
Phone: (585)325-5325 Ext.14

Area of Service:

Mentoring children of prisoners: Children of Prisoners Embraced

Ages: Children 4-15 years with incarcerated parent, mentors and family support available.


Judicial Process Commission (JPC)

1921 Norton St.
Rochester, NY 14609
Contact: Sue Porter, Director
Phone: (585) 325-7727
Website: Judicial Process Commission

Area of Service:

High quality, free training for mentors of incarcerated and reentering men and women.

Recruits, trains, assigns, and supports mentors for incarcerated and reentering persons.

JPC’s Faith Community Adult Mentoring Project (FCAMP)


JustUs: Concerned Citizens of Rochester, Inc.

Contact: James Caldwell
Phone: (585) 770-0129

Area of Service:

Mentors and helps people find employment, educational opportunities, and serve as Court advocate.

Conduct workshops on conflict resolution and nonviolence in the community.

Clients: People incarcerated in the Monroe County Correctional Facility. People in reentry on parole / probation and substance abusers.


Living Rooms, Spiritus Christi Church

121 N. Fitzhugh St.
Rochester, NY 14614.
Phone: (585) 325-1180 Ext. 114

Areas of Service:

Health issues, support. Peer Counseling.


Northwest Neighborhood Outreach Center

858 Dewey Ave.
Rochester, NY 14613
Phone: (585) 458-1310 or 474-4780
Contact: Diane Argauer
Website: Northwest Neighborhood Outreach Center
Areas of Service:

Behavioral wellness, life skills, person centered support, and mentorship.  Employment related support includes: use of computer/internet for job search, free phone, obtain birth certificate, referrals, record clean-up, referrals, and transportation.

Clients: Women, 18+ years old who are homeless or coming from jail or prison.

Fee: No charge


New Beginnings for Women

Contact: Karen Lafian Alo
Phone: (585) 746-7730

Area of Service:

Pre-and post-release mentoring and recovery for women.


New Life Ministries

Rochester, NY 14619.
Phone: (585) 436-0085 Ext.21
Fax: (585) 436-9142

Spiritual counseling for persons released from prison & jail.


Peaceprints ‚Äď Cephas

660 Smith St.
Buffalo, NY 14210
Contact: Cindi McEachen
Phone: (716) 856-6131
Website: Peaceprints

Areas of Service:

Behavior and life skills development through weekly group meetings at 1360 Lake Ave. at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension.  Address attitudes and behaviors that are unhealthy in order to help the person readjust to society in a meaningful and productive manner.

Clients: Any person in reentry, family member or interested volunteer is welcome to come.

Ages:18 and up.

Gender: Male and Female

Payment method: No payment required.


PiRI – Partners in Restorative Initiatives

111 Hillside Ave.
Rochester, NY 14610
Phone: (585) 473-0970
Fax: (585) 473-4868
Contact: Kathy Sweetland
Website: PiRI

Areas of Service:

Brings victims and perpetrators together; helps minimize ill effects of incarceration; maximizes possibilities for successful reentry.  Partner with schools,service providers, and Courts using proactive and reactive tools for building community and resolving conflict.  PiRI uses Peace Circles and Community Conferences to build relationships and repair harm. Provides services in: training in Restorative Practices; facilitating Peace Circles; and facilitating Reentry Circles.


Project URGE

Contact: Garry Manuel
Phone: (585) 223-8340
Website: Project Urge

Areas of Service:

Collaborative organization.

Delivers bread and baked goods to shelters and ministries in Rochester on Saturday mornings.

Offers opportunities to ministries and organizations to network, present needs, or further explain how they can best use volunteers and supplies.

Clients: All


Project URGE – Furnished for Life

Contact: Maria Wehrle
Phone: (585) 348-8596
Website: Project Urge – Mothers in Need of Others

Areas of Service:

Furnishes gently used, refurbished or new household items to assist single parent homes and families in need. Volunteer and training opportunities are available for those receiving goods.

Clients: Teen parents through parents of teens. Mothers and fathers in crisis.

Fee: No charge.


Rochester Fatherhood Resource Initiative

Montgomery Center
10 Cady St.
Rochester, NY 14608
Phone: (585) 285-6627

Area of Service:

Help w/family relationships, including Fathers Support Group

Court Advocacy – help with visitation of children and negotiation of support payments.

Rochester Interfaith Jail Ministry

2 Riverside Dr.
Rochester, NY 14621
Contact: Robert Crystal, Coordinator
Phone: (585) 458-5423

Area of Service:

As requested, facilitate  individual mentoring after release.


Rochester-Monroe Recovery Network

228 South Plymouth Ave.
Rochester, NY 14608
Phone: (585) 328-8230
Website: Center for Community Alternatives

Areas of Service:

Social support services. Peer-led and peer driven program. Improve the delivery of substance abuse treatment and help reduce the stigma associated with substance addiction and people who have been formerly incarcerated.

Civic restoration ‚Äď criminal record, etc.

Education and Employment services.

Clients: 18+ years old. Male and female.


Mentoring Women in Reentry: A WPA Practice Brief, Oct. 2008. Publication of the Institute of Women’s Prison Association, Women and Criminal Justice.

Recruiting Mentors: A Guide to Finding Volunteers to Work with Youth (2001): 42 pp., by the National Mentoring Center, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.

Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents: 2004 Toolkit for Senior Corps Directors, Corporation for National and Community Service, a US government agency. Local example doing this: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta (GA)